About Resysta

A Revolutionary material made from rice husks, salt and mineral oil that

looks like wood, feels like woodyet better than wood.

resysta composite decking
1996 Two Singapore brothers, made it their mission to formulate a composite material that had all the characteristics of a tropical hardwood, yet would contain absolutely no wood. A product made primarily from vegetable fibre waste.

1998After 24 months of experimentation they succeeded in manufacturing a commercially viable composite, Exwood, that has all the features of a tropical hardwood and can be worked just like wood.

1999The first decking contracts are awarded, including the decking for the Sai Kung Pier in Hong Kong, a fisherman’s pier, a real test.

2007After eight years of exclusive Exwood deck installations, MBM, one of Germany’s top family owned outdoor furniture companies teams up with the Singapore brothers to adapt their product for outdoor furniture.

2009The Resysta brand is born, a high-tech hybrid material which looks like wood, feels like wood, handles like wood; yet in which there is absolutely no wood. A revolutionary material made from rice husks, salt and mineral oil.

Resysta Characteristics