Colour & Finish

Composite Decking Colours
Resysta Decking is imported in its raw form as with any other hardwood timbers. The client then has the choice of 4 specially formulated water based surface finishes which are manufactured in Germany. This surface finish is resistant to most stains and can be refreshed if need be.

It’s one of Resysta’s truly unique properties. Unlike other WPC’s (Wood Plastic Composite’s) in which the colour is infused into raw material, Resysta is presented in a form that can be treated exactly like wood. Yet it has none of the problems associated with wood, such as bending, warping, splitting, contracting, expanding, splintering, rotting etc.

Another truly unique feature of the special surface preparation of the Resysta raw material is that whilst its underlying structure is impervious to water, the surface after sanding will allow a liquid penetration of between 0.2 to 0.5mm. Thus allowing the surface coating to bond onto the Resysta and remain steadfast.

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