Resysta and the Environment

Resysta is helping to save our precious rain forests

Did you know?

  • 4.5 million hectares are destroyed each year for timber. 10 hectares per minute! They are the green lungs of the earth and when they go the earth dies!
  • From 1800 to 2009, 1.6 billion hectares of the world’stotal 4.4 billion hectares were destroyed
  • Its where 90% of all primates are found 90% of Madagascar and West Africa rain forests are gone, and 50% of Asia’s
  • Approximately 25% of world’s CO² pollution is from rain forest destruction
  • By 2050, estimate sea levels will rise by 1.5m

Resysta is helping to save our planet. Think about it?

Prof. Dr. Karl Stetter from the University of Rosenheim, Germany says in his official evaluation of Resysta,

For the named applications, Resysta provides perfect preconditions owing to its exceptional tensile and impact strength, resistance to temperature, humidity, sun and insects and in its generally substantial inert composition. Unlike wood, Resysta does not swell,splinter, grey or fade, is crack-free and is resistant to fungal decay. Products made of Resysta are therefore very durable without requiring special care and maintenance. This material is a real alternative to tropical wood. Futhermore products made of Resysta have an especially beneficial ecobalance and bear positive hygienic properties